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The Web Data Connector Generator, built on yeoman, aims to reduce the time it takes to write a Tableau web data connector from hours to minutes.

Pantheon's container architecture can cause headaches for business users attempting to run analytics on databases hosted on the platform. Read how the Pantheon Switchboard can help ease the pain.

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See how New Relic Insights can be used for website personalization and content relevancy optimization.

Setting up a seamless continuous integration system for your Drupal-based project can be daunting: matching your build environments to production, syncing content and configuration between builds, queueing, monitoring, notifications, the list goes on!

You already know you need to be doing automated testing, but as a small organization, agency, or freelancer, you can’t justify the time investment required to get it up and running, let alone maintain it.

Exposing Drupal Address Fields to a large number of unauthenticated users can create database scalability issues. See why, and how you can avoid the issues with a companion module.

Most anyone who's worked with Drupal for even a short period of time knows that the performance, relevancy, and scalability of Drupal's core search is very limited. As a result, and no doubt due in part to its open source DNA, the Drupal community has embraced Apache Solr as core search's de facto replacement for medium-to-large scale installations. A plethora of contributed modules have grown around the main module, and Acquia offers a very nice hosted Solr solution.