Give Your App Insights

Give Your App Insights

With New Relic Insights, we can analyze—in real time—the way in which users interact with our application. By giving it a little extra data, we can track goals, conversion, and segment across user taxonomies. Data-driven organizations arm analysts and business users with data like this to help decide how to optimize applications and delight users. But have you thought about arming your application with this data and allowing it to make some of those decisions for you?

In this talk, we'll discuss deep integration between Insights and our app (in this case, Drupal), some nifty advantages we gain as a result, and some examples of how we've used Insights data to better tailor end users' experiences.


Add Insights as another tool in your marketing tool belt and walk away inspired to integrate your analytics platform with your web application. Topics include:

  • The role that engineers play within marketing
  • The challenges marketing organizations face in providing relevant, engaging content
  • Drupal integration with New Relic insights
  • Benefits of--and ideas related to--deep integration between Insights and your application / framework


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