Oh, Annie

Oh, Annie

Over the past couple of weeks I've been quietly piecing together a small recording studio centered around a custom 8U rack cabinet that Anna built for me. The brain of the studio is a 24 channel Mackie hard disk recorder (HDR 24/96, essentially a single-purpose, Celeron-era computer with a whole bunch of analog I/O), which is wired up to a small preamp unit, an old analog mixing console, and a late '80s Yamaha digital reverb unit

Custom 8U rack cabinet
Tracking drums

Because I came into audio engineering informally and during a time of rapid innovation, my understanding of it has been a little fragmented and flawed. A lot of the metaphors and paradigms that modern DAWs like Logic and ProTools build off of don't make sense unless you've played with the analog tools they mimic. A lot the momentum in putting together this studio came from an a-hah moment in which I realized this. It's also been liberating, removing my computer from the recording equation.

In order to familiarize myself with this new analog gear, I decided to record a cover: the Morning Benders' "Oh, Annie" off of Big Echo. Stream it above, or...

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